Embark on a Multi-sensory Omakase Experience Indulge in an experience unlike any other at Sushi Ichizuke, a first-of-its-kind Omakase vibe dining concept incorporating a curated set of heart-thumping music by Zouk. Reservations For Delivery


About Sushi Ichizuke

Embark on a gastronomic voyage unlike any other at Sushi Ichizuke, a first-of-its-kind multisensory omakase dining concept that invokes and engages all senses, combining the visual preparation of sushi-making and the relaxed iteration of the traditional omakase dining experience, while anchoring it in the philosophy of omotenashi. Originating from sado, the Japanese tea ceremony, omotenashi is the act of selfless hospitality that is centred around care for the guest.

Chef Suzuki offers diners at Sushi Ichizuke what he calls “vibe dining omakase”. While much of the seasonal produce on the menu is flown in regularly from Toyosu market in Tokyo, Sushi Ichizuke’s sleek interiors and ambience are unmistakably Zouk — vibrant, upbeat and joyful.

Operating Hours

Every Tuesday – Sunday
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm (1.30pm last seating)
Dinner: 6.30pm - 12am(9.00pm last seating)

Dress code: Smart Casual


Edomae-style Sushi

Originating in the Edo period in 1818, Edomae translates to “Sushi in front of old Tokyo” where fishes were typically fished and enjoyed fresh out of water in the ports of Tokyo.

The art of Edomae-style sushi-making is in its simplicity. Edomae-style sushi traditionally consist of a form of curing or cooking the fish. Each fish has one specific method of preparation and treatment technique.

Executive Chef Daisuke Suzuki

Tradition meets modernity in a lively omakase experience that sees Chef Suzuki bring to the fore the exacting craftsmanship honed from working in some of the world’s most well-regarded Japanese restaurants. These include the one-Michelin star restaurant, Sushi Wadatsumi, in Hong Kong, where he was appointed head chef when he was just 26 years old as well as the one-star Ginza Iwa (2017 to 2019) in Tokyo and the three-star Gion Sasaki (2019) in Kyoto. Over the course of his career, Chef Suzuki has developed his own culinary signature style, down to the shari or vinegared rice that is one of the building blocks of sushi.

Vibe Dining Omakase

Whether you’re parked at the 16-seat counter in the main dining room or ensconced in the two private rooms that can seat eight and 12 respectively, Chef Suzuki’s mission remains the same.
“Everything we do is for our guests and their dining experience,” he says.
“We want to show how omakase can be different, exciting and still relevant.


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